CRAFTING - Armstech

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CRAFTING - Armstech

Postby Omens » Sat Dec 03, 2011 17:12

Armstech is one of the six Crafting Skills.
It enables characters to work with hard metals, alloys, and synthetic materials to create blaster weapons (e.g., blaster pistols, blaster rifles, sniper rifles, and assault cannons).

Crafted blaster weapons are grouped into 3 levels of quality:

- Premium - Scavenged resources or common items sold by vendors; crafting completed within minutes; weapon quality similar to rewards from completing missions or defeating opponents
- Prototype - Rare gathered resources and other valuable items
- Artifact - Rare resources (gathered or otherwise) and other valuable items (possibly requiring negotiation and trade with other players)

Building more powerful weapons, requires the right materials, which puts an initial emphasis on the Scavenging crew skill.
Building from lower level schematics only requires a gathered resource.
This quick entry makes it possible for crafters to get started with the crafting system immediately.

Gathering Skill :
- Scavenging : Scavenged Metals and Compounds

Mission Skill :
- Investigation : Researched Compounds
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