Future Legacy updates to unlock perks and points

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Future Legacy updates to unlock perks and points

Postby ImmortalOne » Sun Jan 15, 2012 13:20

Bioware has announced a few details regarding upcoming additions to the Legacy System in Star Wars: The Old Republic, which allows users to create relationships between their characters, and develop a family tree of sorts.


Speaking in an interview with Gamespot, the game’s director James Ohlen said the system was inspired by how important the family dynamic was in the Star Wars films.

“We wanted to have a system that encouraged players to create alts and to play the game through the different story paths,” he said. “So the legacy system is meant to do that. It essentially allows you to, instead of just having a bunch of alts that have no relation to each other, you can actually create a family tree where your alts can be related to your main character, either as, you know, a sibling, a son, a father, a family friend, or a husband and wife.

“You can actually choose the relationship your characters will have with each other. And then you gain legacy experience points and legacy levels, and with legacy experience points and levels, that gives you–that allows you to unlock abilities, perks, a whole slew of different advantages, essentially, that all the members of your legacy tree will be able to enjoy.”

Ohlen said Bioware hopes “to push [the system] towards players who enjoy the level-up game”, and it will contain abilities which will make leveling up more enjoyable by allowing players to customize the experience.

SWTOR’s Legacy System unlocks at the end of chapter one, which is around level 30.
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Re: Future Legacy updates to unlock perks and points

Postby Lemur » Fri Jan 20, 2012 13:27

Here is an interesting video:


Shows little about coming legacy, guild bank and UI-changes.
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